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Spiller nr 1 nagarjuna se online

spiller nr 1 nagarjuna se online

, except.
6) the box under code 54 provides the name of the claimed utility model (a group of utility model which must match the name given in the description of the utility model; 7) the box "address for correspondence" provides full postal address on the territory.
Provided that the applicant submits declaration about the identity of the text in hard copy and on electronic media.
In that case, when the output of the recognition of additional materials changing essence is obtained as a result of the application at the expert meeting and recorded in the minutes, the date of sending to the applicant of the notification is the date.modalities for the implementation of the action; the use of substances (raw materials, reagents, catalysts and so on devices (appliances, tools, equipment and so on strains of microorganisms, cultures of plant or animal cells; 5) to use known product or process on a new purpose.During the preliminary examination, the application content, the presence of the necessary documents, determined the completeness and compliance of the submitted application documents and the information contained in them, the requirements established by bedste slot spil til ipad betalt these Rules.In the case where the application relates to a group of inventions, any features of the invention group contained in the initial materials of the application considered features mentioned in the description with respect to this invention is the group.When determining the similarity of goods, the comparison of the list of goods contained in the application, the list of goods in respect of which are registered or claimed are identical or similar trademarks.In the case of a request the answer is provided by the applicant, within three months, regardless of whether the applicant intends to take part in the consideration of the application.

The texts of description, the formula and the summary is printed in one and a half or double spaced with a height of capital letters not less than.1 mm; 2) graphic symbols, Latin names, Latin and Greek letters, mathematical and chemical formulas or symbols.
If the method is characterized by the use of means, known before the date of priority, it is enough to specify these features.
The case must be set out in Russian and indicate the number of the previously filed application, Office with which that application was filed, and the date of its filing.By verbal designations include the word; combination of letters, with a verbal character; phrases; offers; other language units and their combinations.In these Rules are used the following concepts and terms: 1) Eurasian application - application filed in accordance with the Eurasian Patent Convention of September 9, 1994; 2) Eurasian patent - patent granted in accordance with the Eurasian Patent Convention of September 9, 1994; 3).The Annex is a record "This annex is an integral part of the patent." The application is filled in the Kazakh and Russian languages.In determining the search area are taken into account the object of the invention as a whole and it is functionally independent features under subparagraph 30 of the Rules, distinctive from the closest analogue.In the case of the death of the author prior to the filing of the application shall bear the signature of the heir and the date.It is no necessary to submit any official documents proving the right to inheritance, at the stage of filing; 12) box, located directly below the box with the code 72 is filled only when the author (authors) requests not to mention him (them) as such.If the original application is the Convention's, the date of filing the divisional application shall be the date of filing of the conventional application in the expert organization, if there is a request of the applicant; 6) in the case where the applicant claims multiple.