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Det første ciffer i den tocifrede IP-klassifikation angiver modstandsdygtigheden over for faste objekter, såsom bittesmå støvpartikler.IP55/58 hvad betyder det egentlig?Når alle porte og dæksler er afdækkede og lukkede, er tabletten beskyttet mod (i) vandstråler fra alle retninger svarende til kapslingsklasse IP55 og/eller (ii)..
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advice provided.
Ass' of the person trying to speak is or is not violence Obama retaliates against Putin by prohibiting unionized federal employees from dating hot Russian girls online during work hours Russian separatists in Ukraine riot over an offensive video showing the toppling of Lenin.
FBI director Comey gamble online for rigtige penge for gratis slots delighted after receiving Nobel Prize for Speed Reading (650,000 emails in one week).
President George Washington: 'Redcoats do not represent British Empire; King George promotes a distorted version of British colonialism'.Hillary: "I lost, so I'm going to follow our democratic traditions, poison the wells, and scorch the earth".Obama transfers his Nobel Peace Prize to anti-Trump rioters.Feminist historians uncover ghastly concentration camps where so-called "housewives" were forced to live inauthentic lives slaving away in kitchens.Barack Obama: "If I had a son, he'd look like Micah Johnson".Grassroots group calls for "The Million Regulators March" on Washington, supported by all who fear the loss of their betters telling them what.Hillary: "I can hack Russia from my bathroom".Democrats blame Hillary's criminal e-mail server for her loss, demand it face prison.

No, wait, my daughter can now marry a woman!' Janet Napolitano: TSA findings reveal that since none of the hijackers were babies, elderly, or Tea Partiers, 9/11 was not an act of terrorism News Flash: Sen.
University ranked "very intolerant of free speech" fights the accusation by banning the study and all involved.
Bombshell: Evidence proves Donald Trump conspired with his campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton.Obama's reckless attacks on Russia serve as recruitment tool to create more Russian hackers.Developing: CNN, WaPo, NYT anonymous sources say Vladimir Putin may have ties to Russia.Dictionary of the future: Global Warming was a popular computer simulation game, where the only way to win was not to play "Anti-fascist" groups violently protest misspelling of their original name, "aren't-we-fascists".Venezuela indtast konkurrencer for at vinde penge dagligt solves starvation problem by making it mandatory to buy food.The 1970s are right here with us, and they're wondering, too." In a stunning act of defiance, Obama courageously unfriends Putin on Facebook msnbc: Obama secures alliance with Austro-Hungarian Empire against Russias aggression in Ukraine Study: springbreak is to STDs what April 15th.Post-inauguration blues: millions of democrats distraught as the reality of having to find real jobs sets in "Journalism is the continuation of war by other means" is exposed as a fake" by mainstream media journalists.Bergdahl with only two options: pursue a doctorate at Berkley or become a Senator from Massachusetts Jay Carney stuck in line behind Eric Shinseki to leave the White House; estimated wait time from 15 min to 6 weeks 100 of scientists agree that if man-made.The Evolution of Dissent: on November 8th the nation is to decide whether dissent will stop being racist and become sexist - or it will once again be patriotic as it was for 8 years under George.Obama, we're just calling to ask if you want our foreign policy back.